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About Us

Welcome to Lenstec

Lenstec, Inc. is a Florida-based medical device corporation serving the global ophthalmic surgical market, with products currently marketed in more than 60 countries. We design, manufacture and distribute a wide range of intraocular lens (IOL) implants and lens injection systems, and have an established reputation for rapid prototype design and development of highly accurate presbyopia correcting IOLs (multifocal and extended depth of focus lenses).

Company History

Lenstec was founded in 1993 as a technology transfer company, and ultimately developed eight IOL labs around the world.  In 1995, Lenstec opened its manufacturing division in Barbados.  The company’s focus started with me-too IOLs but shifted to that of high technology implants.  The company moved into a new, state-of-the-art facility in 2009, which doubled IOL production capacity.  Since then, Lenstec has gained multiple regulatory clearances around the world, including the US.  In fact, Lenstec is one of only 3 companies that are approved to sell multifocal IOLs in the US!  To date, Lenstec has manufactured and shipped more than 7,000,000 IOLs worldwide.


Lenstec has locations as follows:

Lenstec Headquarters

Lenstec’s headquarters is located in St. Petersburg, Florida USA.  Our US operations: research and development, sales, inventory and global support are based here. We have added significant investment in square footage for these operations and product distribution around the US.

Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturing of Lenstec IOLs takes place in our custom-built facility in Barbados, West Indies.  The facility as designed has the capacity to manufacture 1,000,000 IOLs per year.  All manufacturing and quality functions take place here.  It also distributes IOLs around the world, including Europe and Asia.

UK Sales Office

Lenstec has a sales office located in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom.  This office deals with sales in the UK and parts of Europe.

Regulatory Milestones

Lenstec has had its devices CE marked since 1997, for sale around the world.  It began gaining regulatory approvals around the globe, and, in 2010, it gained its first FDA IOL approval of the Softec HD.  Lenstec went on to gain US approval of its Softec I (2010), Softec HDO (2012) and Softec HDM (2016).  Most recently, the FDA approved Lenstec’s ClearView 3 Multifocal IOL (2022), as the only multifocal IOL designed with NO concentric rings.

Read what patients and surgeons have to say about it here:

Dedication to Quality

Our proprietary lens manufacturing technologies enable the company to produce premium lenses with reduced variability, which can improve surgical predictability. In addition, most of the micro-precision lathes, mills, polishing equipment, molds, processing equipment and processes are designed and built in-house by Lenstec’s engineering staff.

At Lenstec we continuously strive to improve vision possibilities through research, testing and partnerships with the world’s leading ophthalmologists. We welcome your interest in the company and any questions you may have about our products and services or opportunities to partner with us.

ClearView Multifocal IOL

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Contact the Lenstec team to find out how you can become a ClearView 3 Surgeon to help your patients improve their vision. ClearView 3 surgeons will be featured on our Surgeon Finder.

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